Monday, June 28, 2010


Finally, I'm back! These past couple of months have been so chaotic. Filled with projects, exams, and finally one good thing-packing for my annual family trip to Hawaii. This year was slightly more special then the past because my parents treated us to a few nights at the majestic and utterly breathtaking Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki. I must say I never thought for one second of returning home to foggy San Francisco. When I finally have my own apartment I am going straight for my camera and replicating every design the Royal Hawaiian has because it is the perfect image of Island Chic.

I packed semi-light for this trip because my parents pretty much forced my sister and I to, however, there really isn't much to bring considering the majority of our time was spent hanging around the pool and taking walks around the island. My carry on bags were stuffed with flip flops, floral dresses, tons of gold jewelry, flowy tops, a few shorts and numerous bathing suits.

(Forever 21 top and shorts, Bernardo sandals,vintage jewelry & Marc Jacobs satchel)

Good-bye Hawaii, see you in a year :)