Monday, July 19, 2010

Island Fever

For the last few weeks, the summer sun hasn't really taken a hold in San Francisco and as a result, I find myself reminiscing of my wonderful trip to Hawaii. I wish so badly that I could drive to SFO, purchase a one way ticket to Maui and soak up the ever present 85 degree weather. One of my favorite things about traveling is exploring the area you are in and taking vast amounts of pictures of the decor and style of your vacation spot. Hawaii is filled with bright pops of color that can't help but put you in a better mood instantaneously. If the engaging colors don't peak your interest the food will!

I will admit that using the work obsessed is slightly an understatement when it comes to my feelings for the Twilight series. So I found it perfectly fitting that my vacation book be The Host, a slim 600 page novel by the same author of the Twilight series.

Malasadas are the only doughnuts that I dream about year long. My mom, sister and I drive an hour to the other side of the island to indulge in mass amounts of these donuts. These fat-free doughnuts (I wish) are worth the drive and the wait.
The decor at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel was nothing less than inspiring. The famous "Pink Palace" was illuminated with shades of dark chocolate, luscious blues and of course their signature color: pink. It is Barbies dream house.

345 days till I see you again