Thursday, October 14, 2010

California Love

As Winter in Florence approaches, the chilly weather outside has given me some extra time to spend in doors in "il mio appartamento". A few days ago, I was searching through my iPhoto library and stumbled into some old pictures that my sister and I took during her stay for the weekend in Cal Poly. My family came to visit me during April and they stayed at the Madonna Inn. My sister and I took one look at the wildly decorated room and knew we had to take some pictures to document the bazaar eccentric furniture choices.

(Michael Kors-shoes, AA-stockings, Urban-cardigan, F21-jewelry, Mark Jacobs-satchel & Banana Republic-tank)

I switched my outfit later that night because I felt it a little inappropriate to wear a tight, short skirt and stockings to dinner with my family. I'll savor that outfit for more appropriate settings such as cheesy fur/cave-esq induced rooms.