Friday, April 2, 2010

"La Bella Vita"

"The beautiful life", is an Italian saying that quickly comes to mind whenever Spring time arises and Summer vacations are in the works. I captured these photographs while on a recent trip I took to Hawaii with my family. The vibrant and electric colors from the rows of flowers, made it nearly impossible not to snag a few pics while on our daily walks to the beach. Hawaii is truly a gorgeous place with perfectly manicured flowers, warm clear blue waters and skies that hold mesmerizing sunsets. I always find it dreadful to have to part from a vacation that effortlessly holds so much beauty and life.

This yellow flower, with a hint of orange, inspired me to paint my nails a tropical Hawaiian punch color while on vacation.

This image is actually hung up in our dinning room. My mom dedicated a wall to my sister and I where many of our flower pictures hang. Its a great (and inexpensive) gift that is easy to make!

While on vacation, my sister and I love to people watch...(and it doesn't hurt that in Hawaii everyone is naturally in their bathing suits ;)

I snapped this image of the clouds moving past the sun while sitting pool side.

The view from my mamma's condo in Kaanapali is truly breathtaking. Don't you just wish you were sipping a cocktail, relaxing on that boat that just drifts along the glistening sea...


  1. I would love to be in Hawaii right now!

  2. Oh God me too!!! I'm a follower of yours now! :) ...I love this stuff!

  3. MARIEEEE! I love your blog already, if you ever wanna do some kind of photoshoot I would love some help we could do it together!