Friday, April 16, 2010


This has become one of my newly top searched websites that I am now addicted to. My recent acceptance to Italy has made me crazed for looking up classic Italian style (i.e. the epitome of an Italian women, Sophia Loren) and seeing how fashionistas dress over in Italia, a country that is literally shaped like a perfect Gucci boot! With that said, I'm sure I will not be disappointed when I arrive and outfit watch for the first few months. I have been looking up the Vogue-Italia website every morning, dissecting the colors, textures and fabrics that they incorporate in their perfect European outfits. This weekend my mom will be coming down to visit me and my mission for these next couple of days is to convince my mom into switching over from our Vogue-US subscription, to Vogue-Italia. Not that I am not crazy about our fashion in the states, but considering I will be living in Italy for the next year, I find it very responsible of me to pump some Italian fashion 101 into my brain before I take off.

These pictures (via Vogue. it) are what I cannot wait to recreate and put a little American spin on when I get to Florence. I love how these Italian ladies elude so much confidence in their own skin. I hope I'll pick some of that up as well as some killer Mui Mui platforms!... leather jackets, rompers, satchels, dramatic jewelry, floral dresses, and the list goes on and on...

(This is my newest favorite Italian super model Elisa Sednaoui)

Look at those shoes! This is what I'll be hunting down all over Italy :)

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